Filling the Well

Hello again! It’s been so long since I checked in here at the blog that there’s a fine layer of dust on everything. Hmm, time to throw open the windows and tidy up.

I’ve had a good reason for neglecting my website—I’ve been busy writing the sequel to Poison’s Kiss. But now that the book is off to my editor, I’m feeling… relieved, I guess? But also a little sad. This always happens after I finish a project. It consumes me so much that once it’s out of my hands, I’m a bit lost for a while. What to do until the edit letter arrives and I’m back in the thick of things?

Sure, I could start the next book, but it’s too soon. My imagination needs a little space to stretch. The ideas need to time to percolate. And even more vital, I need to fill my creative well.

It might seem like time off—this dormant phase between books—but it’s not. It’s a lot like a carpenter finishing one project and then heading to the hardware store to gather supplies for the next one. (I mean, I assume they do this. I don’t actually know any carpenters in real life.)

Or maybe like a chef flipping through cookbooks and wandering through the produce section at the market to find inspiration for the next meal. (Actually, this is an assumption, too. Look, the only thing I know how to do is write, people.)

My best ideas come from being engaged in the world—reading, taking walks, listening to lectures on history, wandering through museums. When I’m drafting, I don’t have as much time to do the things that renew me. So this space between books is essential. Walking, reading, daydreaming…ahem…writing blog posts.

This phase won’t last long—a few weeks at most before I miss writing so much that I can’t help but start a new manuscript. But in the meantime, I’ll be gathering up bits of inspiration for the next book.

Wish me luck.

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