Book Swag is Here!

I’m so excited to show you the beautiful book swag for POISON’S KISS. This photo doesn’t really do it justice–it’s so much prettier in person.  In a few months, I’ll be running a pre-order giveaway, so if you’d like some of these goodies, make sure to save your receipts. EVERYONE who sends me proof-of-purchase will get a signed bookmark and several lucky winners will get all of this, plus extra-special (but still secret) prizes.

If you want to be first to get the scoop when the giveaway goes live, make sure to sign up for my newsletter. (Find the form on the sidebar to the right of this post.) Subscribers will get info before anyone else.

Also, you should know that I have gold pens for signing and the ink looks gorgeous against this dark paper. Swoon!


IMG_1299 2

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