Breeana Shields is the author of the young adult fantasy, Poison’s Kiss and its sequel, Poison’s Cage (Random House BFYR.) 

She graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in English. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves traveling, eating good food–especially if it’s pasta or chocolate–and spending time with her husband, her three children, and two spoiled, but adorable dogs.

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How do you pronounce your name? Is it Bree-ANN-uh or Bree-ON-uh?

It’s Bree-ANN-uh. It rhymes with banana. Unless you say banana like a stuffy English butler (Buh-NON-uh). If you do that, then we should probably call the whole thing off.


When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve loved books since I was tiny–from the moment I realized they were for reading and not chewing on. But the first time I remember wanting to be a writer was in fourth grade when my teacher told me that the story I’d turned in for a class assignment was “beautifully written.” Looking back, she was probably just thrilled that I’d spelled everything correctly, but having a reader respond to something I’d written was heady stuff and I was hooked. The desire to write for a living only strengthened as I got older. In high school I spent most of my free time in the newspaper lab and thought I might pursue a career in journalism, but in college I fell in love with creative writing.


How do you get your ideas?

That’s a really good question and one I answered more thoroughly in a blog post here. But the short answer is that ideas are the easy part once you train yourself to ask the right questions. The hard part is actually writing the story in a compelling way.

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