I have a book deal!

I’m overjoyed to announce that my YA Fantasy debut, THE SERPENT’S PROMISE, has sold to Random House!

Many, many thanks go to my fabulous, insightful agent, Kathleen Rushall, who has been so positive and supportive throughout this entire process. When we first went on submission she told me that she knew we’d find this book an amazing home and we (she!) absolutely did.

Which brings me to my new editor, Caroline Abbey, who has given me such an enthusiastic and kind welcome. I’m so happy that she loves my book and that she saved me a seat at the Random House table (where all the kids eat lunch with a book in one hand.)

Here’s the announcement in Publishers Weekly:

PW Deal News




And the one in Publishers Marketplace:

PM Announcement2

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  1. Wonderful. Congratulations!

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