duckFor five years, this duck has built her nest and laid her eggs in a little corner right outside my office window. She arrives in early spring and sits faithfully on her nest, despite noise or chaos or me rolling the trash bin right past her on garbage day. And then, each year, we wake up one morning and she’s gone, leaving half-a-dozen cracked eggs behind. One of these times, I hope we get to actually see her leave the nest with her babies in tow, but so far, that’s eluded us. (She left us just this week.) But I’m loving that we have our own little reminder that it’s springtime.


Six-of-CrowsSix of Crows has been on my to-read list for months and I finally dug in last week. I should have started earlier in the day, because once the story took off, there was no turning back. I was up very late, but fell asleep very happy. Highly recommended.



Season two of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was just released on Netflix. Enough said.


Listening To

For months, friends have been raving about Hamilton, so earlier this week, I bought the soundtrack. Yes, it’s as good as everyone says. Yes, the music is now perpetually stuck in my head. And yes, when it comes to Seattle in a year-and-a-half, I will be the first in line for tickets.


Thinking About

Poison’s Kiss is now available for preorder and seeing my book listed for sale, with my name as the author, is surreal. I’ve waited so long for this and now it’s starting to feel like it might actually be happening.



In just a few weeks, I’m going to a writers’ conference that several other online friends will be attending as well and I can’t wait to meet them. But I’m nervous too—I feel like I’m always better on the page than in person. Will they like me? Will I be awkward? Is it weird I’m worrying about this at my age?



That I had tickets to Hamilton and a trip to New York planned. (See above.)


Making Me Happy

The Raven King is out today and the anticipation of reading it and finally reaching the conclusion of this series that I’ve loved for years is making me very happy.Raven King




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